This Dessert Trend is About to Replace Your Wedding Cake

Wedding pie

The wedding cake has been around for, quite literally, centuries. But it’s 2018, things are changing, so why not shake off a few tired traditions to celebrate a new love and life together? One word, three letters; say it, and this trendsetting wedding dessert is yours.


Is there ever a bad time for pie? The answer, obviously, is of “No, of course not,” and it turns out that wedding season is no exception to the rule. Not sure if you’re ready to swap a three-tiered cake for a wedding pie just yet? Here are a few reasons to trade in the outdated cake stand for a slice of humble pie.

Save that money, honey.

When it comes to the height of your wedding cake, we say the higher the better. When it comes to the price of your wedding cake, the same philosophy does not apply. Unfortunately, though, those fancy wedding cakes that you may have been eyeing for your reception tend to have pretty hefty price tags, with the larger confections coming out at $400 or more. The average pie, by comparison, runs less than $20 a pop. And even if you need to stock up to have enough for your guest list, you’ll still come in way under dessert budget.

Not a dry pie in the house.

We all know that one word that everyone hates to hear, but that cannot be matched when describing a perfectly porous cake: moist. Now, while finding the perfect wedding cake often comes down to moistness and texture as much as it does flavor – nobody wants a “lovely on the outside, super dry on the inside” dessert – worry about dessert density. The pie filling will keep things saturated, without a crumbly piece of dried up cake to be found.

Pickers can be choosers.

There’s something for everyone when it comes to pies. Instead of a six-tiered cake that just boasts layer after layer of the same vanilla center, you can shower your guests with six different pie flavors and let them pluck out their favorites. Cherry, blueberry chocolate, key lime, the options are (almost) endless.

Size matters.

Still can’t get that multi-tiered dream cake out of your head? Well, pies can stack, too. Want to send the guests home with a sweet treat for later? Mini pies are all the rage and serve as a tasty reminder of a love-filled celebration. Want something a little more novel? Skip the cutesy cake pops (2012 called and wants those back anyway) and work some cool pie pops into the picture. Last but not least, if you can dream up a pie pan (you likely can), you can fill it with any sized pie your heart desires.

Weddings are stressful enough, don’t let the cake weigh you down. In the immortal words of David Mamet, “We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.”

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