This Instagram Account Says Everything We’re Thinking About the New Celine

Phoebe Philo in gingham jacket

If you were anywhere near the fashion section of the internet after Hedi Slimane’s debut collection for Celine (please note the lack of é), you may have thought the sky was falling, what with the entire industry losing its collective mind (and not in a good way) upon seeing the designer’s looks on the Paris Fashion Week runway. To quote the Washington Post, “Hedi Slimane has obliterated Celine.”


To make a (painfully) long story short, reactions to Slimane’s divergence from former Céline (please note the é of Celine past) creative director Phoebe Philo’s vision of the brand have been overwhelmingly negative, to say the least. But thankfully, if you share the unimpressed sentiment of most, you can at least count on Instagram (as always) for a little solace. To all the brokenhearted Philophiles out there, we introduce @oldceline.

As the account’s bio states, Old Celine is “an archive and tribute to #PhoebePhilo at the helm of @celine – 2008-2018.” The feed is filling quickly with images of Philo’s delicate, intentional designs – pieces that were often recognized as iconic primarily because they were ones that women actually wanted to wear. Critiques of Slimane, on the other hand, have been quick to point out his apparent lack of awareness of the modern 2018 woman, which is perhaps the biggest factor in making his collection seem a little out-of-touch when compared to those of his predecessor.

So if you, like so many others, find yourself yearning for a time of soft, simple lines instead of poofed out mini dresses and burned out combat boots, join the ranks of Leandra Medine, Ramya Giangola, and Tommy Tan, and throw this Instagram-led homage to Philo’s legacy – é and all – a follow.


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