This Is the *One* Shoe That Victoria Beckham Would Never Wear to a Wedding

The fashion entity formerly known as Posh Spice has certainly made a questionable style choice or two (we’re thinking late 90s/early aughts), but there is one wedding faux pas that she would never commit.

In a recent Instagram video, Vogue Australia asked the important question: What would Victoria Beckham do? To which the November 2018 cover star gave a series of answers covering all manner of advice, from how she manages to stay grounded with her wild celebrity life (“be kind to yourself all the time”), to who should grab the check on the first date (“it depends on who invited who and who asks for the check first”).

But the question of most interest to us – and the one you’ve clicked for – came down to appropriate footwear for a wedding. More specifically, whether or not it’s acceptable to wear flats to a formal wedding. To that, Posh says “absolutely” go for the comfortable option. Save for one rule, that is: “Just make sure it’s not a flip-flop.” (Umm, duh.) We’d have to agree – nothing downgrades an outfit quite like slinging, slapping sandals loosely attached by the toes.

So yes, a sensible pair of patent black or jeweled flats with your evening wear? Go for it. As for your flip-flops? Save those for the beach.

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