This Searchable Site is the New Google of Fashion

Mood-boarders, rejoice! Someone finally made a searchable site for all of fashion’s most coveted shots, and some of them are even shoppable. Yes, yes, yes.

The new site, Tagwalk, is the brainchild of former fashion assistant and current Paris-based entrepreneur Alexandra Van Houtte. After spending countless hours scrolling through an endless stream of fashion sites, always searching for that one photo (been there, done that), she decided there had to be a better way. Spoiler alert: there wasn’t. Follow-up spoiler: she created it.

On Tagwalk, users can use more than 2,800 keywords to filter through brands, seasons, cities, trends, colors, fabrics, and styles in more than 128,000 photos. All of which is to say, basically, that this site gives you a lot of search power when it comes to tracking down fashions.

While the search site is a huge asset to people in the fashion industry – the ability to sift through every collection from SS18 with the tag ‘neon’ is quite the advancement – Tagwalk is hardly limited to that. The “shop” section of the site lets visitors browse (and shop from) curated collections based on themes like “newest street style trends” and “spring/summer 18 fluid dress looks.”

But even if you’re not really in it for the shoppable content – totally understandable, though the feature is super cool and growing quickly – we definitely don’t mind taking a stroll through all the heavenly couture creations in our free time, either.

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