This Spring Color Can Make Any of Your Outfits Look Expensive Instantly

Trying to look expensive and important? You’re probably leaning towards an all-black ensemble, or maybe just a layered mix of neutrals that gives off a *minimalist* vibe. But it’s spring for goodness sake! We need color like we need sunlight (four months’ worth at least), so those options just won’t do. Thankfully, there’s a pretty pale hue that will instantly uplift any look from dour to daaaaaamn while also giving all the springtime feels: lilac.

You’ve got to give pale purple her props; she looks good on almost everyone, and her soft, unassuming tone blends in smoothly with all the wildflowers blooming in the hillsides, or just between cracks on city sidewalks. So go ahead, load up on some lavender, and work that lilac like you own it (you do!).

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