Three New Not-Your-Average Mascaras That Need to Be On Your Radar

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As industries across the board are being swept by a wave of new technologies, don’t forget that the makeup world is going through similar transformations. Brands from the huge and well-known to the small and boutique are working on developing new products — including mascaras — that marry “trendy” with “futuristic.” On our radar are three especially savvy new types of mascara, far beyond your flaky drugstore tube, that you absolutely need to try.

“No-Mascara Mascara”

In a world obsessed with authenticity, “no-makeup makeup” is the new full face. The revolution of barely-there cosmetics is in full swing, led by super-stylish brand Glossier, whose dewy highlighters and blushes focus on emphasizing users’ natural beauty. So it’s no surprise that their brand-new mascara, which gently swipes lashes for a minimalistic look, has exactly the same effect. With a remarkable, long-lasting formula and an understated brush, Lash Slick has already been proclaimed one of the subtlest mascaras on the market — ideal for that pretty, natural look.

CBD Mascara

Lately, major makeup brands have been ensuring that their mascaras don’t strip your eyelashes of moisture, and beeswax has emerged as a commonly used ingredient for conditioning and strengthening purposes. Vegan-friendly brands, however, have to come up with creative alternatives. Enter Kush Mascara from Milk Makeup, which just debuted, featuring a unique ingredient that’s right in the name. The CBD-infused mascara wasn’t created to give users a high; it purportedly fortifies and moisturizes lashes with use. Whether that’s entirely true or not, it’s still pretty cool to turn to your friend and say, “You’ll never believe what’s on my eyelashes right now.”

Tubing Mascara

Brands from L’Oreal to Estée Lauder have hopped on the bandwagon in this past year and released products that use “tubing technology.” Tubing mascara, which is especially popular in trendsetting Japan, has an unconventional formula that creates a tube around each eyelash, rather than painting them with oils. These trendy concoctions expertly define individual lashes and come off like a charm, not to mention their resistance to water, smudging, and flaking. Blinc Mascara was the first brand to develop a tubing formula stateside, and their product remains at the forefront of formulas that coat, rather than paint.

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