Track Shorts Are the Dad Trend Du Jour and We’re Totally Here for It

Dad sneakers, so it would appear, are slowly falling out of fashion’s good graces after being the footwear of choice for fashion editors and style icons for a time now. (If we’re being honest, though, we’ve been digging the comfort, so we might risk a fashion faux pas here and there and keep rocking them for a while longer.) However, as it turns out, where fashion closes the door on one dad trend, it opens the window to another. (Well, well, well – it looks like the comfort of dressing like dad was too good for any of us to let go of after all.) So, if it’s not the chunky sneakers with ample arch support, what is it? Well, it looks like the latest dad trend to make a splash is track shorts. Yup – the kind of jogging shorts you might previously consider wearing in gym class or, you know, while running on the track. But no, now, as per dad’s example, it’s time to take these shorts beyond their usual athletic scope and turn them into the ultimate everyday wear. Pair them with t-shirts and sneakers, rock them with Hawaiian button downs and slides, or even dress them up with heels and a blazer. Whatever your styling choices, here are our favorite track shorts to get you started.

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