Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Did you hear the awesome news? Sole Serum was featured as an editor’s pick in The Knot! This makes us insanely happy because it helps spread the news that Sole Serum is all about keeping the bridal party happy in their heels.

We want to be there—for the bride, the bridesmaids, and even the guests—and are thrilled to assist in providing comfort all around.

Most of us have been there. With mist in her eyes and a giggle in her throat, your BFF asks if you will stand up with her on one of the most important days of her life. Of course you squeal out, “YES!” and your job as her bridesmaid begins.

You buy the dress, the one that you’re promised you can “totally wear again,” and then its time to try on the adorable, but misery-inducing shoes she’s sure to pick out for you. If there is one day you need to be your very best self it’s on this wedding day.

Enter Sole Serum—the miracle cream that targets foot pain, and allows you to stand up with your BFF on her wedding day with a big smile on your face.

While we certainly don’t wish any extra problems on a glorious wedding day, we like to err on the side of caution and troubleshoot any potential threats to ultimate bridal bliss. We’ve compiled an emergency kit that is sure to ward off any conceivable problems.

1. Sole Serum. Of course!

2. Tide to Go. OMG. No one means for it to happen, but accidents seem to abound whenever you wear white. Whether it’s red wine, Aunt Jo’s lipstick, or a run-in with the hors d’oeuvres platter, stains happen. It behooves you to be ready for such accidents.

3. Dry Shampoo. Now, until a few years ago, most of us were in the dark when it came to the awesome powers of dry shampoo. Not any more. Today, the savvy chick understands that dry shampoo not only sops up extra oil and grease, but assists in volumizing flat hair.

4. Tums. Someone (*cough—the bride) is bound to have the jitters and an upset stomach. Help a sister out with some Tums!

5. Listerine. If ever there was a day to have sweet breath, it’s today, people. Mouthwash will be welcomed by all.

6. Visine. Um. Makeup + tears + flash photography = irritated eyes. Be that awesome person who happens to have a vial of Visine on hand. You literally will save the day.

7. Granola Bars. The bride is sure to need some extra sustenance. That week leading up to the wedding doesn’t allow for much down time, and nerves might give her a dodgy appetite. However, a well-timed snack might be just the thing to give her a boost before marching down the aisle! *Pick something that is low in sugar and high in protein. She doesn’t need a sugar high, but she definitely needs energy-inducing protein.

8. Lotion. It’s good to have this on hand to correct eye makeup, soften hands, and give your calves a moisturized sheen.

9. Q-tips. If she’s been crying, she’ll need a little touch up. Q tips are the best tool around in cleaning up drippy makeup.

10. Band-aids. In case of blisters, paper cuts, or if the flower girl gets a boo-boo. Band-aids are always a good idea.

11. Painkillers. Someone is bound to have a headache. Be the good guy and have a painkiller on hand.

12. Deodorant. It goes without saying. No one wants to smell nervous B.O.

13. Safety pins. It can happen in an instant. Someone sneezes, and an entire zipper is blown. Have a BUNCH of safety pins on hand. Just in case.

14. Bobby pins. Neat up-do, anyone?

15. Baby powder. No one wants to talk about this, but if it’s a particularly hot day, thighs might chafe. Put some baby powder in the bathroom for bridesmaids (and bride) to find relief.

16. Baby Wipes. Just use your imagination. I’m sure you’ll find a use for them.

17. Mini Sewing Kit. You can find these at the dollar store and having one on hand will be a comfort to all!

18. Superglue. For broken nails, heels, and who knows what else.

19. Tweezers. For fixing errant eyelashes/brows and God forbid, splinters.

20. Tampons. Heaven help you if Aunt Flo comes to call. Just be ready for her deviant ways.

21. Chocolate. When is chocolate not welcomed by a group of women?

22. Sole Serum. Oh wait, did we already say that? 😉

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