Wedding Planner Says: Q&A with Morgan Childs of Moana Events

It takes a lot to pull a wedding off without a hitch – to get hitched without a hitch, if you will – but lucky for us, there are a number of out-of-this-world wedding planners out there whose job it is to make every bride and groom’s big day the exactly what they want, and more. In our new series, Wedding Planner Says, we’ll catch up with a few of those pros in the wedding industry who know just what it takes to bring the perfect wedding to life to learn a few tips and insider secrets. First up, Morgan Childs of Hawaii’s Moana Events & Modern Elopement, who, by the way, has been voted Best Wedding and Event Planner in Hawaii. Now that’s what we call an expert.

Morgan Childs, the founder and creative director of Hawaiian wedding planning agency, Moana Events.
Moana Events

What are some of the most important things to hash out right off the bat with your clients for planning the big day?  

Expectations and budget. Expectations are the most important, so that you and the client are both on the same page as to how to work together, what your role is, and what to expect on the wedding day. The other is budget because this can become a major issue if not communicated clearly beforehand.

What’s always your favorite moment to witness at a wedding?

I love being with the bride right before she walks down the aisle. It think it is such a special moment of anticipation and emotion and the culmination of everything she has been planning and dreaming of for so long.

What do you think is the best piece of advice that a bride could get before her wedding?

To be flexible with your expectations and to hire a planner you trust, so that you can truly enjoy your day. Your planner should be the expert managing your investment and doing the work on your behalf, and if you have someone who you are always second-guessing, then you won’t be able to let go, relax, and enjoy your big day.

Wedding planner agency Moana Events plans a bridal event on Oahu Island, Hawaii.
Absolutely Loved Photography / Moana Events

Are there any major misconceptions about the planning process that you deal with a lot when first starting out with a couple?

I think the biggest misconception is that we have a definitive budget that we can give our couples right at the beginning of the planning process and that nothing will deviate from there. We always begin with a full estimated budget, however so many things can and do change in the course of the planning process that there is no way to say for sure how much they will end up spending. There are so many variables to contend with here: something they decide to splurge on, new ideas they want to add and unexpected guests are just a few. The best thing to do is keep an eye on budget as a whole and not just the line items. You may decide to splurge in one area and save in another, and still end up just where you want to be.

What’s your favorite wedding trend at the moment?

I love the return to timeless and classic style; beautiful, romantic florals and more of a focus on tabletop elements like beautiful dishes, glasses, linens and flatware.

What about a trend that you’d love to retire?

I actually am not a fan of anything too trendy. I really believe that all weddings should be personal and unique and have a sense of style that resonates with the couple and I don’t think you really get that authenticity when you are just trying to replicate a cool trend.


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