What Sex and the City Would Look Like in 2018, According to the Writers

Miranda and Samantha from Sex and the City

Sex and the City had a big birthday this year, and has been twirling through the cultural zeitgeist (even more than usual) ever since. Even though we know there’s no hope for a reboot thanks to some unpleasant cast in-fighting and Cynthia Nixon’s big plans for New York, we still can’t stop reading through this Vulture article detailing what show episodes would look like in 2018, thanks to some SATC reimaginings straight from the minds of the show’s writers.

Our favorite imaginary storylines include finding mom friends, trendy goat yoga classes (we really don’t get to talk about that enough), smartphone addictions, a vision-filled ayahuasca retreat, and a head-on tackling of the #MeToo movement. Plus, in addition to just enjoying the SATC writers’ thoughts how Carrie and co. would be spending their time these days, this is the perfect chance for you to fantasize about what it would be like living that charmed NYC life in a post-2016 election world.

There’s nothing like some re-imagined storylines to have us feeling grateful for the show that broke new ground for women and their relationships on television (and that taught us just about anything and everything we could hope to know about fashion). In the wise, wise words of the wise, well-dressed Carrie Bradshaw, “Beauty is fleeting, but a rent-controlled apartment overlooking the park is forever.” Needless to say, that’s something that a rent-controlled apartment overlooking the park and the legacy of SATC might just have in common.



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